Viking łodzie Aluminiowe

Boat configuration:


4. Single aft locker
19. Aluminium cabin with windows


Standard boat equipment:

1. Floor and upper deck made of checker plate
2. Self-draining of water from the deck
3. Standard boat painting (single color, RAL 7016 Anthracite)
4. Openable bow gate
5. Bow gate manual winch
6. Side rails
7. Stern rail
8. Semi-open wheelhouse at the stern with full standing height (removable
upper part for transport), consisting of:
– 4 glass panes
– steering wheel,
– hydraulic transmission,
– hydraulic steering system,
– electric control panel,
– plastic grommets for cables and wires,
9. Electrical installation (connection of electrical accessories
for control panel, battery and motor*)
10. 3 lockers closed
11. 3 mooring posts (polished)
12. 6 mooring cleats (aluminum)
13. Removable benches for 8 passengers
14. Aluminum mount for transom sonar sensor
15. Aluminum anode mount
16. Aft steps on both sides
17. The helmsman’s seat on the stern locker
18. Battery box with fixing
19. Main power switch
20. Large transom plate
21. Stationary fuel tank 140L
22. Fuel level sensor
23. Fuel gauge
24. Fuel filler
25. Venting the fuel tank
26. Navigation lights
27. Wheelhouse lighting
28. Anode

Viking 750LC is the first transport and amphibious boat of this type in the Viking collection. The powerful under-deck structure, 7 buoyancy chambers and the opening bow gate are its greatest advantage. High load capacity and versatility are undeniable advantages of this unit. Even a small engine with a power of 100KM allows you to accelerate this unit to nearly 60Km/h and safely transport goods and people.

Model versions

Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking750LC
full lenght[m]7,49
full width[m]2,43
boat weight without motor[kg]1300
maximum crew[persons]12
main motor typemechanical
design cathegoryC