Viking łodzie Aluminiowe


boat repairs, engine repairs, metal cutting boat rental

Boat repairs

We offer our clients full boat service – all kinds of repairs, painting, electrics, engine overhaul, boat foaming, transom repair and many more. We make the valuation on an ongoing basis after visual inspection of the boat.

There is also a possibility of retrofitting the boat, e.g. additional seats, boat covering, fishing rod holders.

boat before renovation

boat after refurbishment

Naprawa Silników

Engine repairs

Repair of outboard and inboard engines. Warranty and post-warranty service.

If you have an engine that requires periodic inspection, oil change or other repairs, come to us. We will take care of your engine.

Metal cutting

  • cutting
  • bending
  • welding of difficult and non-ferrous metals
  • rolling
  • laser and plasma plotters
Łódź Aluminiowa Viking 900 01

Boat rental

As a company, we also run a boat rental. The rental shop is located at the headquarters of our company. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.