Viking łodzie Aluminiowe

420 Główne


Standard boat equipment:

1. Floor and upper deck from currogated sheet
2. Aft bench with locker and aluminum closure
3. Removable middle bench from smooth sheet
4. Bow bench with buoyancy chamber
5. Vinyl flooring on benches
6. 4 aluminum mooring cleats
7. Bow roll
8. Aft roll
9. Boat finish (fenders, C shaped rubber profile protecting boards coaming)
10. The outside boards surfaces and the stern are covered with foil with graphic patterns (patterns available on the
company’s website Change to external varnishing surcharge PLN 1000 (does not apply to
metallic and matte varnishes)
11. Big transom plate
12. Small transom plate
13. Plastic bushing for cables and wires
14. Towing ear
15. Aluminium echo sounder fastening
16. Aluminium anode fastening
17. Deck water outflow
18. Split rails
19. Anode
20. Black lining on the broadsides


Viking 420 is a compromise between the smaller Viking 390 and the larger Viking 460 boats. It is a universal vessel for anglers who like to fish for both forage fish and predators.

Boat configuration:


1. steersman’s seat on a turntable – stationary
4. wide aft bench with locker
5. single aft locker
6. fuel tank cover
7. bow locker
8. locker in the middle bench
10. locker long for fishing rods
13. middle bench – demountable
14. wheelhouse
17. small spinning deck
18. demountable seat socket
21. aluminum cleat
22. railing

Model versions

Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking420
full lenght[m]4,19
full width[m]1,85
boat weight without motor[kg]230
maximum crew[persons]4/5
engine column[mm]L-508
outboard motor[kW]40
maximum motor weight[kg]110
main motor typemechanical
design cathegoryC/D