Viking łodzie Aluminiowe

Viking 640 Cabin

Łódź aluminiowa Viking 550

A newly designed sports and tourist boat with the possibility of adapting to professional sea fishing or patrol services. This unit has the option of sleeping in the cabin in the front part of the bow. A spacious room gives comfort to rest for min. 2 people. Designed for demanding users who value and need more comfort while on the water. This unit, as one of many in our offer, has the option of installing 2 outboard motors, which gives greater comfort of use and a sense of security.

This boat is designed for really difficult weather conditions and the ability to quickly move over heavily undulating sea at long distances. Made of 100% aluminum and high-quality finishing materials, it is a serious competitor to laminate boats in this category. In a word, Viking 640 Cabin is quality, elegance and functionality combined with an unbeatable price.

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Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking640 Cabin
full lenght[m]6,52
full width[m]2,5
boat weight without motor[kg]1100
maximum crew[persons]6
engine column[mm]XL
outboard motor[kW]90-200
maximum motor weight[kg]
main motor type
design cathegoryC