Viking łodzie Aluminiowe

550ht2 Model Główny
Viking 550 HT (106,7kw)_page 0001

Boat configuration:


1. steersman’s seat on a turntable – stationary
4. wide aft bench with locker
5. single aft locker
6. fuel tank cover
7. bow locker
8. locker in the middle bench
10. locker long for fishing rods
13. middle bench – demountable
14. wheelhouse
18. demountable seat socket
21. aluminum cleat


Standard boat equipment:

1. Floor and upper deck made of corrugated sheet
2. Deck water outflow
3. Aft bench with big locker closed with aluminum flap made of checker plate, with ventilated place for the fuel tank
4. Open stern cabin with 5 windows made from safe glass
5. Cabin lighting (white lamp on the ceiling of the cabin)
6. Steering console with:
– steering wheel,
– steering gear,
– mechanical steering,
– electric steering panel,
– automatic bilge pump control panel
– plactic bushings for cables and wires,
– swivel helmsman’s chair on an adjustable foot
7. 4 aluminum mooring cleats
8. 8 alminum rod holders for fishing rods, placed at the aft of the boat
9. Navigation lights (top white lamp, light green and red)
10.Automatic bilge pump
11. Rails on the roof
12. Split rails on sides
13. Aft rails
14. Deck lighting (a single white lamp placed under the cabin roof, facing the stern of the boat)
15. 2 lockers in the cabin, closed with aluminum flaps
16.Double seta in the cabin
17. Locker behind the steerman’s seat
18. Pillows for the cabin seats
18. Pillow seats in cabin
19. 2 lockers on sides
20. Stationary fuel tank 100 l
21. Bleeding the fuel tank
22. Fuel filer
23. Big transom plate
24. Main power switch
25. Electric installation (connection of elements of electrical equipment to control panel, battery, main switch and
26. Outside broads painting (one coloured, RAL 7016 Antracytgrey)
27. Boat finish (fender, C-type rubber profile securing the deck coaming, roof lining in the cabin, carpeting on the sides in the cabin)
28. Battery holder with mounting
29. Aluminum echosound fastening
30. Aluminum anode fastening
31. Anode

Model versions

Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking550HT2
full lenght[m]5,5
full width[m]2,17
boat weight without motor[kg]520
maximum crew[persons]6
engine column[mm]L-508
outboard motor[kW]106,7
maximum motor weight[kg]220
main motor typemechanical
design cathegoryC