Viking łodzie Aluminiowe

Viking 550 Straż

Łódź aluminiowa Viking 550

For many, many years, this type of vessel has successfully served anglers in the demanding Scandinavian coastal waters. We decided to translate the proven ideas and attributes of such units into a completely new design and construction based on the latest technological solutions, creating a fishing dream come true.

The list of possible accessories is limited here only by the load capacity (depending on the installed engine, it is approx. 600 kg). We took advantage of this fact and prepared for you various versions, our standard proposals, Viking 550 boat bodies. These are V-550, V-550 C and V-550 HT.

By choosing the Viking 550 boat, you can be sure that you are buying an extremely fishing-tailored unit, ideal for coastal waters, both for deep and trolling fishing. Viking 550 is a boat that will not let you down even in very difficult conditions.

Due to its stability and spacious cockpit, Viking 550 is also a great boat for services such as the police, fire brigade, fishermen and other institutions requiring a fast and strong aluminum boat.

Unsinkable, fully welded (double-sided welds), impact-resistant aluminum construction, the possibility of practical and comfortable use of its advantages at sea by up to 5 anglers simultaneously, wide, completely flat cockpit floor, high, safe sides, spacious lockers, extensive standard equipment, stability on the water and a solid 4 mm thick aluminum sheet are the hallmarks of Viking 550.

Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking550
full lenght[m]5,5
full width[m]2,17
boat weight without motor[kg]500
maximum crew[persons]6
engine column[mm]L-508
outboard motor[kW]66,2
maximum motor weight[kg]170
main motor typemechanical
design cathegoryC