Viking łodzie Aluminiowe

Viking 460S OSP

Łódź aluminiowa Viking 550

Although the structure of the hull of the Viking 460 boat is a kind of compromise between a flat-bottomed boat and a displacement boat. The letter S next to the type designation of this boat means that it has more of the characteristics of a flat-bottomed boat. Do you want to swim on the lake, you like to spin, you go swimming with children, do you prefer stability over dizzying speed? Viking 460 S is for you.

The maximum number of people that can be on board depends on the water in which we are going to swim. The boat passed the tests of the Polish Register of Shipping with excellent results and received design category C. Under the conditions of this category, a maximum of 5 people may be on board. In calmer waters, with category D conditions, 6 people can safely be on board.

The Viking 460 boat is a proposal for demanding anglers who need a vessel larger than the Viking 390. In the “460” we can install a larger motor, influence a higher wave. It can be adjusted to fit more equipment, sit more comfortably with up to four or five companions, install a spinning seat without losing space on the boat, pull the water skier with you or experience even more adventures.

When creating Viking 460, we wanted it to be a safe, strong, durable and maximally fast boat in its class. We wanted it to be used in various types of fire brigades, police, rescue and patrol services.

The aluminum used in the production of the Viking 460 is a higher standard than in the 330 and 390 models. We assume that the Viking 460 will be subjected to greater loads, so we use PA-13 aluminum for its construction. It is a very strong and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy in salt sea water. As in the case of the construction of other types of our boats, we despise rivets or screws. The structure of the boat is fully TIG and MIG welded. We equip this boat with reinforcements on the transom, sides and bottom as a standard. The 3mm thick aluminum sheet is not damaged even when it hits a hard obstacle.

Viking 460S is only 20 cm submerged. Initial and total stability is unbeatable by any other unit in this category. The completely flat cockpit floor is set on a solid rebate structure, which allows for any adaptation of this unit to various tasks and purposes. Thanks to the fairly wide width of the boat, we can freely configure the position of the seats or the steering console in the longitudinal axis of the boat without affecting its stability. The floor is entirely made of aluminum checker plate, which prevents slipping. Very high sides, adaptability, flat floor and spacious cockpit put this unit first in its class. A great boat for both services and fishermen.

Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking460V
full lenght[m]4,6
full width[m]2,02
boat weight without motor[kg]270
maximum crew[persons]5/6
engine column[mm]L-508
outboard motor[kW]45
maximum motor weight[kg]110
main motor typemechanical
design cathegoryC/D