Viking łodzie Aluminiowe

Viking 390 OSP

Łódź aluminiowa Viking 550

We are proud of this boat. The Viking 390 aluminum boat is in many ways our best medium size fishing boat for three or four anglers. Inland waters are not a challenge for her – the boat is incredibly stable, resistant to obstacles such as a rocky shore or shallow water. An empty V-390 boat is approximately 10 cm deep.

The 25 hp engine is the most powerful engine that can be fitted to a V-390. However, it is important to remember that 15 KM is enough for this stable and spacious fishing boat to show the proverbial “claw”. Even with this engine power, the slide is guaranteed, so you can swim with our “390” really fast and economically. However, for swimming on a calm lake, an electric motor is enough.

Ask a VIKING employee about an outboard engine for your boat – we will match it and propose the most suitable one for you!

Considering the materials used for production and the method of manufacture (all-welded structure), the hull design, unsinkability and comfort of use (spacious, completely flat cockpit floor, side height 55 – 61 cm), you can risk a statement that it is the safest and best boat fishing in its class.

We will equip your new boat however you like. The V-390 is not necessarily a fishing boat. The flat deck and the enormous possibilities of its configuration and additional equipment make our boat a very good proposition for people who want not necessarily a large, but maneuverable and stable, compact utility boat, which can be used for work on the water or for recreational swimming, even for a bit in more difficult waters (the boat meets the requirements of design category C).

The material for the production of the Viking 390 boat is the highest quality aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. It is PA11 aluminum, which has high corrosion resistance even in marine conditions.

All construction welds are double welds. In the production process of the Viking 390 boat, we do not use a single rivet, bolt or screw to build its hull. Like all aluminum boats manufactured by our company, the Viking 390 has two airtight displacement chambers, which make this unit unsinkable.

Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking390
full lenght[m]3,86
full width[m]1,75
boat weight without motor[kg]190
maximum crew[persons]4
engine column[mm]L-508
outboard motor[kW]18,4
maximum motor weight[kg]82
main motor typemechanical
design cathegoryC