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Viking 550 C is one of the variations of the standard version of the Viking 550.  We've moved console to the center of the cockpit which allowed placing additional double seat. The amount of space on board does not decrease drastically, for it is more convenient, thanks to additional seat boat becomes a little more friendly to passengers.






1. Floor and upper deck made of corrugated sheet        
2. Water selfdrained from deck and floor        
3. Bow bench made of corrugated sheet        
4. Aft bench with big locker, closed with aluminium flap made of corrugated sheet with fuel tank, ventilation and automatic bilge pump        
5. Overall rails, elevated on bow side        
6. Steering console, equipped with:         
- console reling        
- plastic windshield        
- steering wheel        
- steering gear        
- steering rod        
- electric control panel with switches        
- plastic bushing for cables and wires        
- locker in front of the console closed with aluminium grooved flap         
7. 4 aluminium mooring cleats         
8. 8 aluminium aft rod holders        
9. Navigation lights (top whiite lamp, board lights red and green)        
10. Bilge pump        
11. Outside broadside painting (one coloured, chosen from standard color palette)        
12. Boat finish (fenders, C shaped rubber profile protecting boards coaming)        
13. Electrical instalation (connection of elements of electrical equipment to control panel, battery, main switch and engine*)        
14. Big transom plate        
15. Towing ear        
16. Aluminium echo sounder fastening        
17. Aluminium anode fastening