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1. Floor and upper deck made of corrugated sheet        
2. Water flow from the deck        
3. Stern door        
4. Rooftop rail        
5. Bow rail        
6. Side rail         
7. Stern rail        
8. Boat finish (check rail, C shaped rubber profile – protecting boards coaming)        
9. Steersman swivel chair        
10. Passengers seats in the cabin        
11. Upholstery  for passengers seats in the cabin        
12. Cabin lighting        
13. Navigation lighting        
14. Deck lighting         
15.Steering console - helmsman's panel, which includes:        
- steering wheel        
- hydraulic steering system        
- steering gear         
- electrical switch panel        
- bushing for cables and wires        
- windshields  made of glass        
- wiper        
16. Main power switch        
17. Battery box with fastening        
18. Automatic bilge pomp         
19. Electrical installation  ( connection of elements of the electrical equipment to the control panel battery and engine- battery and engine are not parts of the standard equipment        
20. Outside broadside painting (one coloured, chosen from standard color palette)        
21. Outside cabin painting        
22. Big transome plate        
23. Stationary fuel tank with a capacity of 200L        
24. Fuel filler        
25. Fuel level        
26. Venting the fuel tank        
27. Fuel level sensor        
28. Fuel level indicator        
29. Aluminium echo sounder fastening         
30. Aluminium anode fastening