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Additional equipment (presented solutions are only a Viking preliminary proposal):

• outboard engines with accessories and installation (producer prices!)
• tight closing battery case
• deck lighting
• painting boats in colors other than the standard
• swivel chairs of various types and shapes
• rod holders
• trolling handles
• persening, full or partial
• tight, lockable lockers
• broadsides carpet tiling
• finish of the interior of the cockpit with materials selected by the customer, etc.





Standard equipment:

1. floor and upper deck made with checker plate
2. self drained deck & floor
3. bow bench made of checker plate
4. bow bench closed iwth plactic flap
5. broadside shelfes with water outflow
6. aft door with gasket, handle and checker plate closing
7. aft placed, fuel tank chamber, under the floor, closed with checker plate flap
8. stationary fuel tank 93 l
9. fuel level senor
10. fuel filler
11. fuel tank vent
12. overall rails (raised on bow)
13. steering console equipped with:
steering wheel
steering gear and cable,
electric switch panel,
plastic bushings for cables and wires,
steersman chair
passanger chair
fuel level indicator
locker in front of console, locked with with aluminum flap
14. 4 welded, aluminum mooring cleaats
15. 8 aluminum bow rod holders, on bows aft
16. navi lights (top white lamp, broadsides green and red lights)
17. outside broadsides painting (one colour, colour from pallette of standard colours)
18. boat finish (fenders, rubber made alloy edges protecion)
19. electrical installation (ceonnection of elements of the electrical equipment to the control panel, battery, main switch and engine)
20. towing eye
21. battery box with fastening
22. aluminum echo sounder fastening
23. aluminum anode fastening

* battery, main power switch and engine are not part of standard equipment

For additional boats safety and satisfaction with steering, we suggest buoyancy chambers be filled with nonabsorbent foam - extra charged