Viking łodzie Aluminiowe
Łódź aluminiowa Viking 550

Viking 650HTT

Viking 650C is an inshore boat prepared for very challenging conditions. It is more and more often bought by owners of fishing facilities, research institutions and by sea fishers. Ready for extreme weather conditions, it is undoubtedly one of the best Viking boats in the C class. Other models of it are also available – V-650HT – a boat with a closed cabin, V-650HT2 – a boat with an elevated closed cabin, V-650CR – a boat with a central aluminium roofed steering console.

Technical data

Aluminum boat Viking 650C
full lenght[m]6,84
full width[m]2,44
boat weight without motor[kg]1100
maximum crew[persons]8
main motor typemechanical
design cathegoryC
Certyfikat PRS
Certyfikat PRSShow PRS Certificate
  1. steersman’s seat on a turntable – stationary
  2. swivel chair on a removable leg
  3. passenger’s seat on the turntable – stationary
  4. wide aft bench with locker
  5. single aft locker
  6. fuel tank cover
  1. bow locker
  2. locker in the middle bench
  3. a bow bench with a displacement chamber
  4. locker long for fishing rods
  5. tiller engine-operated boat
  6. aft stage
  1. middle bench – demountable
  2. wheelhouse
  3. passenger wheelhouse without steering wheel
  4. large spinning deck
  5. small spinning deck
  6. demountable seat socket
  1. roof over the wheelhouse
  2. aluminum cabin with glass (version V- 460)
  3. aluminum cleat
  4. railing